The Reason

from by Alexi Kaye



This is one of those tracks written as a kind of message to a friend, but it ended up being a message for me too.


Please don't fool yourself to think that you can leave music behind
It's part of you it helps you to live your life
When you walk away you suffer, this you already know
In the deepest, in the spirit, in your soul.

There's a reason for this Love
There's a reason for this Love

It's funny how we reach for things that really don't help us at all
It seems to heal the pain but it doesn't fix it at the core
Let me explain to you Love is who you are
It's the message that we bring, it's the message that we bring

There's a reason for this Love
There's a reason for this Love

What gives your life meaning?
What is it you're dreaming?
What will bring you closer, to the person that you know you are?

Some of us lose touch with who we are and what makes us feel alive
But you don't have to fall in to that hole to survive
You want to make music why do you push it aside?
Your soul is calling listen to what it's saying in the night.
OOOOooooooo oooooo...

There's a reason
There's a reason for this Love


from the message, released March 1, 2015
By Alexi Kaye.
Recorded by John Stuart at Sound Heaven Studios, Katoomba (NSW), Australia.
Mixed by Tony Dupé & Claire Deak, VIC, Australia.
Mastered @ Crystal Mastering, Melb, Australia.



all rights reserved


Alexi Kaye Melbourne, Australia

Alexi Kaye is a singer, songwriter and artist currently residing in Melbourne Australia.

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