We Are Not Machines

from by Alexi Kaye



This was one of those tracks that was written the night before and on the day of the recording although the 'chorus' had been written many months earlier. The chorus was originally written from what I felt may be an animal's perspective wanting to tell us all: 'We are not machines'. It developed in to a lament from all of us who in whatever way are not free, which also includes our animal and other creature brothers and sisters.


We are not machines
Brothers sisters you know what this means
We are not machines

I go down to the river
I go down at night
I hear myself breathing
Does this mean that I'm alive
I don't know how to get through another day
Then I heard you say
We are not machines

I watch the water
I watch it move so free
I see what you've saying brother
This is how we're meant to be
But every day I wake up
Weighed down by my dreams
We are not machines
We are not machines

There is the enemy
It moves in the dark
I can't quite see it
It covers my heart
I don't know if it's real
But when I wake up this is how I feel
We are not machines
We are not machines

I want to scream brother
I want to cry
I feel so numb
But I don't know why
I could lie down dead or I could walk till I die
It's the same thing to me
Cause I know I'm not free
We are not machines
We are not machines


from the message, released March 1, 2015
By Alexi Kaye.
Recorded by John Stuart at Sound Heaven Studios, Katoomba (NSW), Australia.
Mixed by Tony Dupé & Claire Deak, VIC, Australia.
Percussion by Claire Deak and Tony Dupé.
Mastered @ Crystal Mastering, Melb, Australia.



all rights reserved


Alexi Kaye Melbourne, Australia

Alexi Kaye is a singer, songwriter and artist currently residing in Melbourne Australia.

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